Siblings: March


The Native has said before that he wonders if our children’s personalities will mirror the way in which they entered the world.

The Duchess entrance was a dramatic dash to the hospital where, when she finally was pulled out by ventouse, she let the world know how unimpressed she truly was.

The Duke arrived determined, quickly, but in a calm, serene environment with no assistance.  I worried about how he was doing because he didn’t cry, he just sweetly stared back at me.

At 3 months old as he digests more of what is going on around him, it’s so interesting to see the dynamic between them grow and evolve.

She so desperately wants a friend and playmate in him.  She asks me to talk for him.  She tells me about what he will do with her when he gets bigger.

He so desperately wants to know what she’s doing and will crane his neck and back and limbs to get a glimpse.  She knows.  She likes it, too.  She’ll take her things and sit down quietly next to him, not always pulling him into whatever game it is that she’s playing, but letting him know that she is there.


dear beautiful

4 thoughts on “Siblings: March

  1. Jude

    I have wonderd about this too. My son made eye contact with the midwife and cried before his body was even born. Interesting. My daughter fell out in the hospital carpark drop zone – what does that say about her? Great post. So lovely to hear about siblings intereacting. Facinating.

    1. The Foreigner Post author

      Yes – She was a mad dash to the hospital as well. I was terrified we weren’t going to make it. Maybe it’s girls, huh? :) xo

  2. Meghan Fenn

    I love your photos. Beautiful. I’ve often wondered this too. Sam was nearly a C section but ended up ventouse. Unbelievable long labor that spanned across 3 days. He clearly did not want to come out and everyone had to rally around and ‘pull’ him out. Once out, he screamed at us all. Anna Grace came out on time, quietly, gracefully and with minimal disruption to those around her. Jonah was born under water. It wasn’t until after that all hell broke loose and he had to fend for himself for the first 72 hours of his life. He is incredibly self sufficient and always has been. I suppose also being the youngest has something to do with that too. Wanting to prove that he can do what his siblings can do. Don’t worry, it won’t be long till they play together and become best friends. Even though there’s always sibling rivalry to some degree with mine, they are thick as thieves.

    1. The Foreigner Post author

      Thank you, Meghan and it will be so interesting to see how their little personalities evolve.

      They already adore each other. Hoping it is just the beginning of a lifetime of being the closest of friends.


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