I’m Cheering For You

Normally when I write a post, I repeatedly outline it in my head. I usually start somewhere in the middle with an idea and begin to colour out towards the lines of my thought until it is coherent enough to let it spill from my fingers. It’s my process. I have really, really tried this  ..read more

A Funny Kind of Grief

I caught a glimpse of it from the corner of my eye while walking through the supermarket aisle. Without thinking about it, I slowly walked over and flicked through the rack in search of the right size. Four. I ran my fingers over the buttons of the stiff, blue and white checkered summer dress, the  ..read more

Visit: Tarr Steps

When I was fairly fresh as an American transplant, my friend invited me to come down and stay¬†at his parents’ home in Hampshire over the Easter weekend. It was the first time I had properly experienced the British countryside and because I was a) recovering from a break-up and b) culturally oblivious I was the  ..read more

The Sacrifices

Last week I got into a conversation about my life in America with a lady who was a new acquaintance. Unable to grasp the appeal of her own country, she asked incredulously, “Why do you live here?!” It’s interesting to watch both Americans and Britons digest your decision to live abroad as they assume the  ..read more

Visit: Dunster

For Valentine’s Day my lovely husband arranged for his parents to have our children so we could have a daytime date. We are all about the day dates. We love exploring with the children, but there is also a wonderful freedom in ambling around some beautiful location without – you know – nappies and having  ..read more