Visit: Montacute House

If you’re a parent or hope to be one day, what do you most want to give to your children? Don’t give me the token answers like acceptance, unfaltering love or security. We all hope that for our children. Sift through the every day stuff. What do you hope makes up their childhood? What are more

Learning to Live like the English

Living abroad as an American means I also know a lot of people who are living abroad as Americans. They are scattered around the globe in countries that have more marked differences than the ones between the United States and the United Kingdom. Sometimes I feel like a “fake” expatriate because I’ve moved to a more

I’m Not Keeping it Real

The internet is hard. Don’t get me wrong. It often enhances my life and makes it so much easier.  It allows me to see my American family and for my family to see us, it provides me with the refuge I need when I’m alone to access and secretly dance to Taylor Swift videos (and more

I’m Cheering For You

Normally when I write a post, I repeatedly outline it in my head. I usually start somewhere in the middle with an idea and begin to colour out towards the lines of my thought until it is coherent enough to let it spill from my fingers. It’s my process. I have really, really tried this more