Visit: Dunster

For Valentine’s Day my lovely husband arranged for his parents to have our children so we could have a daytime date. We are all about the day dates. We love exploring with the children, but there is also a wonderful freedom in ambling around some beautiful location without – you know – nappies and having more

Visit: Watchet Harbour

I am convinced that some of the best days, not just of a childhood but of your whole life, are free days. They are the days that didn’t cost much money – if any. They are the days not ┬áburdened by expectation. These moments are often characterised by the people or the place or the more

Today We….

Today we wiped noses and felt lethargic. Winter has brought us cold after cold, illness after illness. Fourteen months of sleep deprivation has brought us weekends where we long for naps more than the outdoors. We didn’t want to leave the house. But we did anyway. Today we dressed ourselves in layers and grabbed our more