The Joy and The Fear

England is experiencing a heatwave right now.  By most American accounts, it wouldn’t really be classed as a heatwave at all.  Except that it’s really humid and most places here have no air conditioning and so when you’re lying in your bedroom at 9pm and have little else left to remove to get cool – more

Paul’s Yard Boomer Balance Bike

Last month The Duchess turned three. I’ve got a three year old.  Four year olds start school in this country. Actual, real live school – with their tiny Harry Potter-esque uniforms (sans robe). So when she asked, very specifically, for a pink balance bike in the lead up to her birthday, I was relieved more

Johnson’s Baby: Baby and You

I am a terrible secret keeper.  Terrible. I try to get The Duchess to shake her birthday and Christmas presents. Sometimes I just tell her what they are. Terrible. So, it was pretty difficult not to share with you my excitement (and crippling fear) when Johnson’s Baby approached us a couple of months ago about more

The Duke: 6-7 Months

Hi! (Sheepish wave) For someone who is a verbal, feeling, extrovert, I sure do have serious introverted tendencies. I find big (and sometimes small) life changes lead me to wrap up my excitement, my worry, my sadness, my expectancy in the safe confines of my heart until I’m ready to let people in. And the more