Today We….

Today we wiped noses and felt lethargic. Winter has brought us cold after cold, illness after illness. Fourteen months of sleep deprivation has brought us weekends where we long for naps more than the outdoors. We didn’t want to leave the house. But we did anyway. Today we dressed ourselves in layers and grabbed our more

The Day the Internet Failed Me

I found something on the internet.  I blame, you, Pinterest – you are the guilty defendant in the courtroom of life, wreaking havoc in the lives of bored mothers everywhere. Look at me when I’m talking to you, Pinterest! I’ve embraced this no ‘poo journey and have been really happy with the results, so why more

I Stopped Using Shampoo: 3 Month Update

One day around the end of August I stopped using shampoo and conditioner. I have no idea what compelled me other than curiosity. I wish I could say my intentions were more noble than that just to sound a bit cooler. It’s been just over three months. About a month ago, it seemed that my more


One whole year with you has sometimes felt like we have been speeding through the days,  scenes from weeks and months blurring our vision and memories all together. It could be the sleep deprivation or it could be the way you are always looking, climbing, exploring, investigating and I feel that I am racing behind more

Find Your Home

There was this insignificant, significant moment for me around 6 months into my first year in England. I think when you’re settling as an expat, the transition is full of insignificant, significant moments. It was only a walk. I was living in Liverpool. I had a hair appointment in the city centre and had to more